Liquidating distribution to c corp shareholders

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Although C corporations are the most expensive entity to start, operate, and maintain, they do have many advantages.A C corporation can offer many fringe benefits that are taxed less than they would be under sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (), and S corporations.

A corporation is treated as a legal person under law; thus, it can own property, enter into contracts, and sue or be sued.

However, if a business is expecting to incur losses in the beginning, as is often the case, then many businesses choose to start out as an S corporation so that the losses pass-through to the owners, allowing them to deduct losses against other income.

When the corporation becomes profitable, then the business owners can convert it to a C corporation.

All capital gains, whether long-term or short-term, are subject to the corporation's tax rate.

Another disadvantage is that capital losses can only be deducted from capital gains, not from other income.

Small business corporations are either C or S corporations — these designations refer to the subchapters of the tax code that governs them.

C corporations are governed by 26 USC Chapter 1, Subchapter C - Corporate Distributions and Adjustments.

Setting up a corporation requires an application to the Secretary of State that includes the corporate name, the articles of incorporation, the address and purpose of the corporation, and the name of the person who is in charge of receiving legal papers in case the corporation is sued. If the right procedures are followed, then the business receives a corporate charter, which gives it the right to operate as a corporation within the state.

Afterwards, the corporation must hold the 1 meeting of shareholders, appoint officers and directors, and write bylaws that govern the corporation's operation.

Corporation franchise taxes, and the professional help, especially in the form of legal and accounting services, needed to set up and operate the C corporation increases the cost of doing business.

Incorporated businesses are 1 incorporated as a C corporation.

The states provide the rules for incorporation, not the federal government.