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We (me, Chantal, and WHN) Was that Czechoslovakian you were speaking in episode 5 of Twnty Agn??? This time, I am struck by how good the younger male and female lead actors are. I played part of the episode with the basketball scene to my students : my female student indeed find Mr. I am struck by the power of the character of the mother, despite her death at the beginning of the series. I was referring to one of the scenes where Goyun po didn't want to look for Geun dandi cause he couldn't protect her from his MOTHER. I DON'T KNOW HER PERSONALLY OR EVEN SPOKE, TEXT WHAT HAVE YOU. I WAS SIMPLY CAPTIVATED WITH HER MOVIES, SHYNESS AND BEAUTY...... O:) That's is how RUMORS GET STARTED BY PUTING SHIT OUT THERE THAT'S NOT FREAKEN TRUE. Reading the subtitles in English but wishing I could understand the dialogue. Also, as one who played basketball with brothers, I smiled when I saw the basketball on the desktop of the computer of the older Park Dong-joo. After having read the comments below, I cannot resist adding another of my own. I should've put Go yun po name rather then your name as well as Goo Hye Sun/Geun dandi. IS NOT BY NO MEANS COLLABORATING (as you put it) ANYTHING.

Professor Cha: We (me, Chantal & What's Her Name) think you should take a ballet class with No-Ra. Would like to see the actor's background in physics worked into the character (as that would help me get one of my students to watch the series). besides your busy schedule you have finish your college education. Please consider my suggestion, I would love to see both of them in a drama or in a comedy episode.

(Chantal, mets tes pointes.) well, we have some homework for you, Professor Cha Hyun-Suk : Find "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" (2001), and watch Nick dance with Penelope. That's right, Nick doesn't actually dance with her in the town square. That distance the characters give one another is what gives time for the emotions of each character to register with me, and makes for a deeper experience of the individuality of each character. Allow me to borrow some of the words of another visitor to this page wrote : "Done watching the 20 episodes of Angel Eyes and I got addicted to it.... All the casts in the drama really shine in their own acting ways... Though in Seo-young, he barely touches her or tells her he loves her, but toward the end I guess he's being cautious and does not want to pressure her. I understand that Goo Hye Sun is SHY when it comes to that.

But, when he watches her run across campus, to get to her next class, she takes his breath away. As a North-American, I am struck by the space the characters give one another when they are expressing emotion; we are not accustomed to this. I did say that on the physical aspect, the real kiss Lee Min Ho was able to give from Goo Hye Sun was a lip to lip. I also know that, they can actually make it look like there really kissing but there NOT depending on the angle. Compared to Heirs, and the other drama his done, you can see the difference.

Dying to know who you were talking to on the phone. Un deux trois quatre cinq six sept huit et un deux trois quatre cinq six sept huit. For those of us lucky enough to have such a parent, I thank the stars in heaven. I wonder if there is somewhere an article in English where Yoon Ji-ryun talks of what inspired her characters. Have been re-watching the series and enjoying it all over again. Saranghae Lee sang yoon TO LEE MIN HO: My apologies if it seems that I'm bad mouthing you.

These characters seem real because of the goodness in them. He looks better than any Hollywood actor of his time. I hope to see more of his drama movies in lead role and I hope he will also be more active in his Facebook account to interact more with his international fans specially here in the Philippines :) Very HANDSOME indeed he's such a good actor. he makes you feel like you are part of the drama, making you feel his pain, anger esp. I hope both of them will be a couple in their real life.

With her lined up as a secretary at the law firm I feel the production definitely has a smart eye to finding the right K-ent talent for the Suits characters.

I really love Sang Yoon Oppa since "Seoyoung My Daughter".. Although I always liked him as an actor, I absolutely loved him in this drama. Done :) My review of #On The Way To The Airport : Well, they finally made it for their own sake... He lost weight and became slimmer so he looked younger. There was lack of chemistry between no ra and hyun auk. Sometimes writers make the heroine too clueless and it ruins for storyline. I too have act and produced and to find the balance between them is a great strigthn of yours. Haha I did skip back and forth between episodes because i watched it on netflex and often found myself wanting to know whats what ahead of time.

Lee's rendering of his character's grief and love for his mother is truly touching. Saw him in two episodes of Running Man too, i found that he's a calm and a little bit shy person, yet adorable with his smile. I love your role in Angel Eyes, you are a very handsome, versatile actor. I mean there so many K-Pop superstars but for me he's the only guy that is really my type. Not much into Korean drama series but when I saw the first few episode of "Angel Eyes" starring Lee Sang-Yoon as Park Dong-joo and Ku Hye-sun as Yoon Soo-wan, I got totally hooked up until the end. Uneducated wives, first lovers, LOVE DOES NOT DEFINE gender, beauty, status, It comes with in. combination lee sang yoon and ku hye sun is perfect and awesome..!!

Lee Sang-Yoon, I already watched "Angel Eyes and Seo-Young, My Daughter. You avery expressive eyes,that's what i've notice from you . Just finished watching episode 9, at the end of which the grown son hears his mother's voice on the recording of her cooking instructions. i’ve waited the whole episodes to see his smile again, but nope, it’s his cool-guy-role. May his tribe increase Lee Sang Yoon you are the best Korean actor I've ever watch. this is like the first time I totally got a big big BIG crush on a Korean actor or any artist whatsoever that makes me giggle like a teenager. Audience would like to apologised to Lee Sang Yoon, that is none of your fault....also audience couldn't assist you for the write out of this drama, as a gesture of goodwill, I've written one article for you at the beginning...... i hope they can be together again in another series drama... Simply because it's played out in most of the Korean drama, only difference is scenario and actors/actresses.

but as i start to watch i realized that he is another actor and was Charm and Gorgeous.. Love Lee Sang Yoon and everything he's about I didn't pay attention to him in Liar Game. And then, when I watched On the way to the airport, Bang!!!! I fell so deep deep in love with him and his acting. Despite his rumour and some bad comments from knet about him, I still can't get rid my admiration to him as a man and as a great actor. i love the calm character of him, i love the way he speak and everything about him. I saw him on whisper k-drama and i can't hold myself unless to watch it. Any kind of character he played he's always fantastic, awesome and handsome. After that I'm searching your profile and look your drama list. He is more mature in the series of On the Way To the Airport then Goddess of Fire. The man in 13 is being a buffoon: as his eyes cross from mirror to No-Ra (standing on actor's left), they make the fastest little pit-stop in the lens that I've ever seen. The same man, in 16, was so brave to bare brow & forehead.

The way seo Deo Woo look at choi soo ah makes me melt. I'm just finished with angel eyes and make me fall so deep to him... i really en joyed " on the way to the airport" for me it was the best drama I've watched in 2016. And yes,this weeks im still having my exams but i can't take it unless to watch the dramas. He is my favorite korean celebrity, hope someday he'll meet some one very special. And I'm continue watch the "Seoyeong my daughter " . From here on will keep and waiting your new movies. I like his acting at the OTWTTA..eyes says everything. That character really make me to watch all drama/ movie/show that youre in.

what a great actor, your smile has change my life... Im so in love with you right now.....were so hot and sexy( ep 1 :) ) and handsome in whisper....were so good there...you also have an unspoken chemistry with actress lee bo young....it were longer with you two kicking ass and being lovey dovey..... currently i am enjoying "whisper" such an amazing drama!! At the mean time keep up the good acting skill, good work and keep on smiling??? Watching "Whisper" and his part in this new drama is made for him. I can't believe it you doing such a great job with lee bo young . Hopefully he has the same kind heart in a real life...

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