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Many of the bars catering to tourists in the resorts have happy hours in the early evening from around 5-7pm.Often, two drinks are offered for the price of one.

Giving thanks to the volcano in the centre of the island for being peaceful for so many years, the celebrations, with plenty of music, food and dancing, go on until the early hours, with all ages joining in.Celebrations in the Canary Islands are some of the biggest after Rio’s in Brazil.This is a moveable feast but usually takes place in February or March each year.These authentic watering holes are found all over the island, but particularly out of the main tourist centres, in places like Arrecife and Arrieta and some inland towns and villages.Look out for in Lanzarote, dating back to the time when these establishments offered the only television in town.When eating in local restaurants, remember that people dine late (from 9pm onwards), so it is often easy to get a table before this time.

Lanzarote boasts some rich traditions and some fascinating local festivals that take place throughout the year.Most bars in the main resorts and towns stay open late - usually past midnight - every night of the week, with those in rural areas usually shutting up shop around 11pm.Bear in mind, though, that in Lanzarote, as in Spain generally, opening and closing times are not strictly adhered to.Lanzarote’s nightlife is pretty low-key, so don’t expect big night clubs that you would find on Ibiza, or even neighbouring Tenerife.Evening entertainment is centred in the island’s bars - both local, Spanish-style affairs, English style pubs and sophisticated spots with an international clientele.Try the island's popular "Sancocho" a sautéed seafood dish that is to die for. Find a variety of great local cheeses to sample and take home.

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