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“But it was a process to get through it — a good, solid two to five years.” In 2000, they had a third child; their fourth daughter was born in 2002.Additional surveys in 2009-10 of 886 Minnesotans who filed for divorce dug deeper into contributing factors.“Growing apart” was the top reason, cited by 55%, followed by “not able to talk together” (53%).The article describes the trend of couples who are finding a way to snatch their marriage from the flames, so to speak, and make it work despite difficulties.Interestingly, the author cites the economy as one of the reasons that divorce rates have (slightly) dipped. My take on that – when divorce isn’t an option, people find a way to make marriage work.Doherty’s survey of 2,484 parents who filed for divorce in Minnesota offers new insight into how people decide whether to call it quits or try again.

About a quarter of those surveyed thought there was still hope for the marriage; in 12% of a subset of 329 couples, both partners independently indicated interest in reconciliation.Infidelity was cited by 34%, the same percentage who cited “not enough attention.”Doherty says lack of attention from one’s spouse and in-law problems were among reasons associated with partners thinking the marriage could be saved.Also, infidelity wasn’t a factor in whether someone was open to reconciliation, he says.Frank and Julie La Boda of Cross Plains, Wis., were just weeks from a divorce decree that would have ended the marriage that began Aug. “All that fun stuff was gone,” says Frank La Boda, 46, a transportation operations manager, who says his wife was so busy with the kids that he started spending more time with the guys.Then he had an affair and moved out for six months.Some couples pull back from the edge of divorce By Sharon Jayson, USA TODAY He says his 16-year marriage had been shaky before the separation in 2009, when he told his wife, Tina, he wanted out. And life in the midst of recession was also taking a toll. I thought about the effect it would have on my children.”The De Rosias, like so many couples, were teetering on the brink of divorce. But little is known about how people actually decide — or why, like the De Rosias, they sometimes change their minds.

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