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Cheggers agreed: 'It's the worst career move I made in my life — if I could turn the clock back, I would! The show was called Cheggers' Bedroom, and included a bingo game.

Keeping them out of camera-shot, along with children smoking cigarettes in the crowd, was a constant worry. Yesterday, an emotional Read said: 'He was exuberant, he was bouncy, he was like one of those Kelly dolls in a budgie cage — you could knock it over but he'd be straight back up again! He liked to claim guests included pop royalty such as Freddie Mercury and Paul Mc Cartney, but the truth was it was more likely to attract the likes of Bucks Fizz and Bananarama, who didn't mind getting splattered with gunge if they could promote their new single.

'He was only thinking of one thing — booze,' Maggie said later.

'That's what you notice first: not the whisky bottles but the emotional vacuum.'She took their baby daughter, Rose, and left. It was such a bitter split that Chegwin refused to let his ex-wife buy their house, and instead sold it for £5,000 more to a stranger.

Eventually, the public tired of his 'hilarious' pranks and that shrieking laugh began to grate.

With his TV career stumbling, he turned to alcohol to keep the fun alive — eventually drinking two bottles of whisky a day.

That led to a spot on ITV's Junior Showtime, then a West End stage role supporting Hollywood legend Ginger Rogers in Mame.

At that point, Keith's luck ran out, as it would so many times.

The education authorities, discovering he had virtually dropped out of school, ordered him back to the classroom.

Aged ten, he joined the Children's Foundation, an apprenticeship scheme for young film actors, and appeared in dramas including Z Cars, Black Beauty and The Tomorrow People.

With the help of Maria, who became his second wife in 2000, and their young son, Ted, as well as his sister, Janice (better known as the Radio 1 DJ Janice Long), Chegwin fought to restart his career.

Ricky Gervais gave him a cameo in his sitcom Extras in 2006, though it required him to be naked again.

' In 2000, he signed up to host a show that claimed to celebrate 50 years of British nudism, Channel 5's Naked Jungle.