Katerina varna dating

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Katerina varna dating

There is also a pool section for children as well as a playground, where you can spend some fun hours with your little ones.

Close to all the action: Lying in-between the major holiday destinations of Malia and Hersonissos, Stalis holidays are perfectly placed for enjoying all the activities of these surrounding larger towns.

Holiday Park is around 500 yards from the 3.1 miles long, beautiful sandy beaches.

Enjoy various dishes at the main restaurant with a gorgeous terrace, or taste grilled specialities at the BBQ Restaurant.

It can get pretty busy in the summer holidays but the stunning mountain backdrop and the excellent facilities and beach bars more than make up for it.

Tropical Beach: If you fancy somewhere with a little more space and softer sand, you could always head to the beach in Malia.

Restaurants in Stalis Korali restaurant: One of the specialities of Greece is expertly cooked shish kebab, and Korali restaurant offers one of the best examples of this delicacy on Stalis holidays.

You can take your choice from juicy skewered chicken, beef or lamb, served with mouth-watering spices, fresh crispy salad and a variety of sauces.

Some of the best buys include beaded bracelets, handmade trinkets and figurines.

Look out for shops such as Lavris, Domenico, and Epiloges – all of them specialise in great value souvenirs if you’re on a tight budget on cheap holidays in Stalis.

Plus children on family holidays will find it immensely entertaining to ride on a train that seems more suited to their size!

Beaches in Stalis Stalis Beach: This narrow sand-and-shingle beach is a pleasant enough spot for sunbathing during your holidays in Stalis, and being based right within the resort it’s certainly convenient.

If you like your music loud and bass-heavy, you’d be best off going to the more dance-focused bars like Bar Code, the beachfront Africa Bar and Bliss Bar.