Jewish religious dating sites

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Jewish religious dating sites

Other sites act more as matchmaker services and agencies, where people fill out a comprehensive form about themselves which is then looked at by people who work for the service, who then in turn try to match with another member based on the two members' interests and other information.

Well, in some ways it offers a wide range of people to choose from (over 8 million in theory) but really the site is more of a shop front for Match and you’ll soon find yourself using this more...

Some of these sites allow singles to become a member and submit some information about themselves, such as photos, hobbies, interests, and religious affiliation and level.

Other singles can then browse this information looking for someone that interests them, whom they can then contact through the site to set up an off line date or phone call, kind of like a Jewish personals page.

This website matches you with other members using a combination of automated and human systems.

You’ll receive several recommendations each week, and if you like any of them you simply let them know and...

Some of these agency sites are even free to use, or at least browse.

There are different types of Jewish dating sites on line.

It’s like being promised a free beer, only to enter the bar to be handed a glass of water.

Well, Super Tova breaks the trend, offering a genuinely free Jewish internet dating...

Are you bored with searching through thousands and thousands of dating profiles, only to find out that the members aren’t even serious about dating?

If so, Saw You At Sinai could be the Jewish dating website for you.

Another recent phenomenon are the Jewish speed dating services and agencies (also known as Hurry Date or Hurry Date), which arrange speed dating sessions for Jewish singles - allowing single men and women to meet many potential mates in one evening, face to face, not online.

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