Jehovah dating asia

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Under the Old Empire, Ptah, the Creator, the god of Memphis, was at the head of the Pantheon; afterwards Amon, the god of Thebes, took his place.

It was in the time of the Hyksos that Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph entered Egypt. Canaan and Syria were subdued, as well as Cyprus, and the boundaries of the Egyptian Empire were fixed at the Euphrates.The two kingdoms of the north and south were united by Menes, the founder of the first historical dynasty of kings.The first six dynasties constitute what is known as the Old Empire, which had its capital at Memphis, south of Cairo, called in the Old Testament Moph (translated as “Memphis” in Hos. The native name was Mennofer, “the good place.” The Middle Empire was overthrown by the invasion of the Hyksos, or shepherd princes from Asia, who ruled over Egypt, more especially in the north, for several centuries, and of whom there were three dynasties of kings.A number of remarkable clay tablets were discovered at Tell-el-Amarna in Upper Egypt.They confirm the historical statements of the Book of Joshua, and prove the antiquity of civilization in Syria and Israel.There occur the names of three kings killed by Joshua, Adoni-zedec, king of Jerusalem, Japhia, king of Lachish (Joshua 10:3), and Jabin, king of Hazor (11:1); also the Hebrews ( It might be easily shown that they have all been remarkably fulfilled.

For example, the singular disappearance of Noph (i.e., Memphis) is a fulfillment of Jeremiah , Ezek. Egypt consists geographically of two halves, the northern being the Delta, and the southern Upper Egypt, between Cairo and the First Cataract.

All this occurred before the time of the new king “which knew not Joseph” (Exodus 1:8).

In later times, Egypt was conquered by the Persians (B. 525), and by the Greeks under Alexander the Great (B. 332), after whom the Ptolemies ruled the country for three centuries.

Subsequently it was for a time a province of the Roman Empire; and at last, in A. 1517, it fell into the hands of the Turks, of whose empire it still forms nominally a part.

Abraham and Sarah went to Egypt in the time of the shepherd kings.

His death was avenged by his son Horus, whom the Egyptians invoked as their “Redeemer.” Osiris and Horus, along with Isis, formed a trinity, who were regarded as representing the sun-god under different forms.