Italy dating game hetalia

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Italy dating game hetalia

Ryouta decided to take a walk from Gelato Beach back to Delfino Plaza.

And after defeating a giant robot, Shadow Ryouta decided to reveal his true identity: A young man by the name of Kouichi Sakakibara.As Ryouta was getting closer to stopping Junko’s plan, Kouichi was pressured even more to stop him; which was taking a toll on him, especially since he did not want another Pneumothorax episode.So he tried his last chance at Pianta Village at night, and both Ryouta and himself had one hell of a fight; and once again, he had him pinned. He asked Ryouta why he did not try to kill him, he even yelled at him for an answer.However, things started to change for him after Bianco Hills.He was set to finish off Ryouta right there and then; until Ryouta, unexpectedly, gives him a kiss.Those Super Mario Sunshine references belong to Nintendo Ryouta Mitarai and Kouichi Sakakibara belong to the creators of Danganronpa 3 (for Ryouta) and Another (for Kouichi) I also do NOT own the song, “At The Beginning” It was written and sung by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis Ryouta Mitarai was looking out towards the sunset of Isle Delfino from Gelato Beach.

For him, it was one crazy time; especially since he was originally came to the island for his vacation, what happened to him after that turned into one adventure that he would never forget.

We were strangers, on a crazy adventure Kouichi also decide to walk from Sirena Beach back to Delfino Plaza.

He was not happy that Junko tried to put the blame of flooding Delfino Plaza on him, just to get Ryouta to finally kill him.

And Kouichi took the kiss with no surprise reluctance this time.

As Kouichi touched his lips in remembering the second kiss, he heard a song that was playing.

Kouichi then escaped to Corona Mountain; however, he did attack him at Bianco Hills.

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