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It was, he said, dangerous for an actor to simply rely on Churchill's famous props such as his cigar.'It's important to get the little details right.It's not just the look, but stance, style and speech, too.'It took me nine months of preparation to get Churchill right the first time I played him, back in 1981 in the drama series The Wilderness Years for ITV.' So what did Robert think of some of the other Churchills on our screens?

'It was a very brave performance — I really enjoyed it — and I was thrilled when at the end he attempted an 'older Churchill' voiceover.'Ironically, Hardy played Nazi diplomat Joachim von Ribbentrop opposite his friend Burton when the latter starred as Churchill in this U. TV biopic.'I loved Richard like a brother, but he didn't much look like Winston in the drama — he refused to even shave his hair off because, of course, Winston had little hair on top,' said Hardy.'What's more, afterwards, he told an American reporter that he didn't really care how he came across in the drama because he 'hated the man' [Churchill]. but I'm afraid Churchill was not with him,' he said. I think she's one of the most talented actresses of our generation.The Dior model attended the Sean Penn & Friends Help Haiti Home Gala, wearing a plush velvet dress by Givenchy, which she teamed with Christian Louboutin shoes, a snakeskin clutch by Saint Laurent and diamond-encrusted jewellery from Harry Winston.Could Oldman become Hardy's successor as the greatest Churchill actor?Hardy died before the film's release but had taken a keen interest in it and told me he liked what he saw.'From everything I've seen and heard, Oldman's portrayal of Churchill is far more convincing than some other recent portrayals,' he said.'He certainly looks the part, he's undergone a remarkable transformation.As well as being the face of Celebrity Big Brother and The Voice Emma has also appeared on a number of other shows.

Here is her story and the lowdown on her other half...But it's not just his appearance — he's managed to catch the essence of the man.'Oldman has revealed that he initially turned down the role, as he was daunted by the prospect of living up to the performances of actors such as Hardy.He said: 'I thought, 'What could I do with it that was new?He loomed over everyone, which the real Winston never did.'Some actors — including Lithgow — have said they toned down aspects of Churchill's overpowering personality for fear of appearing over the top.But Hardy said: 'Well, that's very silly — if you're going to play somebody, you've got to try to capture that person.' Whoever took the part was not only being asked to step into the shoes of arguably the greatest Briton who ever lived, but he was also walking in the shoes of all those other actors who have played him so well, like Albert Finney and Robert Hardy.'Oldman spent more than 200 hours in make-up and carried half his body weight in padding to fill out his figure.

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