Is leila lopes dating russell simmons

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Is leila lopes dating russell simmons - Paybyphone adult dating

Last night the “A Night of New York Class” Gala was held at The Edison Ballroom in New York City. Considering Russell Simmons enjoys Emperor Sugar Daddy status (anybody with a net worth of $250 million ), we wouldn’t be surprised if he had a Sugar Babies sprawled across the planet—not because he’s a manwhore, but simply in the name of convenience and the fact that he gets to enjoy open relationships.We have no idea how Pamela Anderson got on the invite list but she was billed to be Mistress of Ceremonies for the event. Maybe that’s why Russell wasn’t seen with his most recent girlfriend Tatiana Likhina?

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Miss Angola Leila Lopes beat out 88 other contestants during Monday night's Miss Universe 2011 pageant to grab the ultimate crown. The 2011 Miss Universe pageant--co-owned by Donald Trump (we know, we know)--had plenty of beautiful gals.The only new addition to the site is Tinamarie Clark. I wonder if Kanye took time of his busy pimping schedule to lay down a few inspirational words for those protesting in Lower Manhattan?It would be very interesting to hear his renewed thoughts on Obama…The Portuguese stole Africans from Angola and brought them to Brazil to work the land which has made Brazil a powerhouse. How ironic that an Angolan beat out a Brazilian for the most beautiful award in the world!She is a beauty and I plan on playing her tape to my daughter where she stated inner beauty is more important and that we need to respect one another!But Miss Angola Leila Lopes came out on top Monday night in Sau Paulo, Brazil.

Leila is a 25-year-old is a business management student currently studying in Great Britain. Check out some of her modeling pics before she went for the crown: I want to say congratulations to Miss Angola! I think she is a stunner and I am looking forward to great things from her.

Russell Simmons took a break from protesting at Occupy Wall Street HQ in Lower Manhattan & attended last night’s Caron Renaissance 3rd Annual Save-A-Life Gala at Capitale Bowery in NYC.

According to the organization’s official website, Caron Renaissance is one of the leading Florida rehab centers in the nation, specializing in alternative and dual diagnosis rehab to help people escape the perils of drug addiction. For those of you who don’t know of the practice, since the NYPD isn’t allowing the protesters to use loudspeakers, anybody who wants to give a speech to the protesters must do so by speaking loudly in short phrases & having surrounding protesters repeat those phrases so people farther away can properly hear.

For me & Melissa (yes, I can speak for her), we both agree that long distance relationships are impossible & finding hot women locally in the New Jersey, NYC area is in the best interest of my aging, Viagra-induced penis.

Please don’t Tweet me for sex or wanting to become my girlfriend.

The organization honored Kathy Najimy and Kristen Johnston for their efforts in the fight against animal cruelty. Let’s face it, young chicks that Russell Simmons dates have a life aside from pleasuring their old man & it becomes somewhat of a burden if they have to mold their respective schedules to suit jet-setting Russell’s, even though he’s their main source of income.