Is chris trousdale dating anyone

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Is chris trousdale dating anyone

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Trott, Smith, and Ross are particularly well known for playing Minecraft, Trials Evolution, and a variety of other games.Colin appears to take an extreme liking to Ross, often trying to seduce him.The "Know-it-all" - This character has never been given an official name by the Hat Films crew, but can only be described as a parody of people who enjoy correcting other people's facts.She is disliked by both Smith and Ross, as each time she makes an appearance you can hear the sighs and "Not again"s from the two of them.Nearing the end of the Hat Chat episode, Hat Films made it extremely clear that this did not represent the real fan "Rebecca" in any way.He did that and he came back, and the picture is autographed! ” Chris laughed and signed it and walked with my dad to the concert lol.

So finally Chris comes, late as usual, and he gets up on stage, and there’s only 20 of us there. So he gets up onstage and he said..”Ok, since there’s so few of you let me try to get to know everyone’s names, so I of course screamed SAMANTHA!!!

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He was just walking around the parking lot saying hi to everyone.

So then, I saw him walk into the high school, so I was like, Chris has to be in there!

Although Trott takes these jokes well, he has shown great capability in retaliating, but he mostly takes them knowing that it is all in good fun.