Irish girl naked on skype

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Irish girl naked on skype

Update 2.45pm: A victim, who was ten at the time of her abuse, has spoken of the shame, fear and loneliness prompted by the exploitation she suffered at the hands of Matthew Horan.Horan, 26, coerced young girls to send him sexually graphic pictures and videos of themselves and was jailed to day for seven and a half years.

The young girl went on to say she felt sad and angry about the exploitation but she wanted to prevent it happening to anybody else.“I felt scared because I told him where I had lived.

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It is important for society and him that he is given certain interventions that will change him,” he said.

Two other victim impact statements, written by the parents of two of the nine-year-old victims, were read out in court on Monday.

He pleaded guilty to two more counts of sexually exploiting a child and one count of distributing child porn on dates in 2015.

He further pleaded guilty to possessing child porn at his address on July 11, 2015.

Earlier the court also heard how a forensic examination of Horan’s computer uncovered recorded Skype calls between him and two nine year-old-girls, both individually and together.

The recordings included footage of these girls engaging in graphic sexual acts.

The court had heard how the Dublin man used Skype, Snapchat, Instagram and Kik - an anonymous instant messaging application - to send and receive child porn images from six identified child users in Ireland and nine unknown users around the world.

One of those victims told the court today that she thought chatting online was safe and was “like making a new friend”.“It wasn't.

He pleaded guilty to three further counts of sexually exploiting female children through Snapchat and Instagram in the State on dates between May 21, 2015 and July 7, 2016.