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'Those watching the film would come away with the impression that he was in charge of the whole mission,' he said.'That is just wrong and is a disservice to the more senior people who were there.

It also gives the wrong impression to a whole new generation of people who watch the film and take it as being what went on.'What angered me most was the portrayal of the other SAS men.

They all come across as grunting simple-minded men who can't string a sentence together.

The 1980 raid was televised as troops stormed the Embassy to free 26 hostages trapped inside.

The film has now been dramatised by Hollywood but has sparked outrage 'I was just so angry watching the film because it was all wrong,' Horsfall, 60, told Mail Online.

The former SAS sniper, who helped storm the embassy and shot dead one of the terrorists during one of the most watched and admired military operations in British history, lambasted every aspect of the film.

Betrayal: An SAS hero of the Iranian Embassy siege has slammed a new film about the daring mission calling it an 'insult' to the memory of those soldiers who took part.

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Perennial backing: The video hopes to boost sales of the Nude Photo Revolutionaries Calendar (left and right) which was launched today in homage to an Egyptian activist who was vilified in the Middle East for publishing a naked photo of herself Ostracised: The Iranian women are showing their support for Aliaa Magda Elmahdy (left), who sparked outrage in the Midle East after posting this nude picture of herself on her blog, and Golshifteh Farahani (right), an actress who has been banished from Iran because she posed for this picture in a French news magazine The offending photo - a black-and-white 'art shot' featuring the 28-year-old Farahani posing against a black backdrop with her hands strategically placed over her breasts - was first published in Madame Le Figaro.

'True story': 'I was just so angry watching the film because it was all wrong,' Horsfall, 60, told Mail Online. Pictured: Actors recreating the siege for '6 Days' Who dares: SAS man Robin Horsfall told Mail Online: 'Those watching it would think there were just eight people taking part, but there were five teams of eight men who stormed the embassy but they are just left out of the film'.

Pictured: A scene from 6 Days showing SAS men storming the embassy 'Not true to life': The film '6 Days' stars Jamie Bell as the leader of the SAS soldiers who have to rescue 26 hostages from the Iranian Embassy in London.

Pictured: A still from the movie showing an explosion as SAS men storm in Dramatisation: Jamie Bell, best known for his role in 'Billy Elliot,' plays the character of Lance Corporal Rusty Firmin who was among of the members of the elite unit that ended the six day long siege in dramatic style The counter terrorism operation was watched by millions of people on TV over the May Day Bank Holiday in 1980.