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You'll be able to enjoy HDR videos and support for hardware encoding is now available for all platforms.However, the most important new feature is probably support for Google's media device Chromecast.

However, most are very impressed with the sound quality that might not be as loud or as bass-y as on Google Home Max, but offers a really balanced good audio experience.

First shown to the public last summer, Apple Home Pod, was supposed to be launched by Holiday season where it would wreck havoc, or that's what Apple hoped for at least.

Now that the device has landed on many reviewer's desks, it has been torn apart, although for now only figurative as we wait for Jerry Rig Everything or i Fixit to grab one.

Perhaps by v3.5 we'll have a more wide range of platforms to choose when it comes to Chromecast support and hopefully the beta label has been stripped.

You can download the VLC from here: VLC for Windows, 32-bit VLC for Windows, 64-bit A few days earlier Nvidia released their quarterly reports which happened to be a fairly nice read to those who've invested in the company.

As people buying a new PC, or at least a GPU, recently might have noticed, there seems to be a lack of graphics cards.

In many cases you can't just walk in to a store and get your preferred model off the shelf. Nvidia acknowledges, reports Polygon, that GPUs are few and far in between, which is obviously because demand has overtaken supply.

The new versio of the popular media player has finally reached v3.0, and it brings some new and highly anticipated features.

The new versio is available for all VLC supported platforms, both mobile and desktop.

Or to reply to a discussion thread directly from within the email when receiving a notification about new messages in a subscribed forum thread.

Traditionally, actions such as these would require visiting an external webpage through a hyperlink.

They had the Amazon's Echo with Alexa, Google Home with Google Assistant, Apple's Home Pod with Siri, as well as a Harman Kardon Invoke with Microsoft's Cortana.