Intj dating best match

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She doesn’t take it personal if he bows out, not all people are a match, though she will expect him to be direct about it (which leaves the disappearing boys being viewed as cowardly and quickly determined as not suitable for a resurface down the road).

Whereas many people do this in the beginning by wearing the cutest outfits, the sexiest lingerie, going to the gym all the time, etc., the INTJ woman is typically only going to invest at these levels if she’s decided this guy is a keeper, which mind you is often months down the road.Why I focus on this phase so much is that this is typically the make or break phase. A guy could flirt with an INTJ woman in love and she probably won’t even notice.If the guy has stayed with it for the assessment period, which can often be a very vulnerable time for him because the INTJ woman is not providing the typical assurances of kissing face emoticons, escalation points, and ecstatic greetings. If he makes a move, he’ll wish the INTJ woman was better acquainted with the standard female response of flattery, however, being hit on by a random guy is not typically seen as flattery to her as she’s not interested in reassurance on superficial attributes.It’s important to note INTJ women value intelligence above all else, so that’s the first criteria, if that milestone isn’t met early on, the guy will quickly get his walking papers.INTJ women don’t date to just date or because no one better has come around, they don’t get lonely or just need to have someone to do stuff with, for an INTJ dating is a serious thing – it’s about finding “the” relationship.She’s cautious and treads slowly until she’s decided he’s a suitable match. That’s when the kissing face emoticons come out – if you get one of these from an INTJ female you can be certain you’ve won her over. It’s not to say there’s not exceptions out there, but INTJ women by nature aren’t going to cheat. She not only knows her worth, but nothing on earth is going to make her waiver from her man.

Once they’ve decided this guy is the one, it’s pretty much locked in stone in her head until the day they break up for good. The INTJ woman is loyal to the end at a level most people cannot understand.

So fellows, if your INTJ woman has told you she loves you or that she finds your mind sexy, hold on tight you’re a lucky man!

Those are probably the two rarest and prized things she’ll hand out.

When it comes to compatibility of MBTI types, there are lots of contradictory theories out there and each of them claims to have found the right formula.

Some personality theorists say that opposites attract, some say similarities attract, others have a totally different approach.

The other thing about INTJs is they are less bothered by superficial things like what he wears, what he does for a living, does he have straight teeth, or other tangible things.

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