Intimidating men attractive

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Intimidating men attractive - who is karolina kurkova dating

Kouroi in ancient Greek culture were archaic sculptures celebrating young male beauty, they marked the beginning of the ancient Greek's obsession and continued research into the physical beauty of the human body, which culminated with its most perfect expression in the classical period (I will post pictures as soon as I have my PC running). A fragrance bearing this name had to convey this uncompromising masculinity from within.

The final sexual purr is a cocktail of powdery Musks, rendered faecal through the spiking with Civet, some salty Ambergris tonalities and a leather accord of Castoreum and likely some Iso Butyl Quinoline and Birch.You just want to spray this to the never end, it's that awesome.This is a poopy vetiver affair supported heavily by ambergris and jasmine flower that smells amazing from beginning to the long and drawn out end.Kouros is a big fragrance and requires a big persona, even some arrogance to wear it, otherwise it is overwhelming and the effect is lost.On the right woman, I imagine this would be fatally beautiful.This perfume is anosmic central, don't know why but that's what it is, the wearer cannot smell this on himself, so shitty.

I read a lot on here how the girlfriend or wife hates it.It is an olfactory time machine that still manages to remain as relevant, unique, potent and exciting as the day it was released. recent formulations are still good but lacking that dirtyness and i find it can smell a bit stale after about 8hrs. They are pretty much the same, but, somehow older has "softer", more pleasant smell. It's fresh, it's clean, it has projection and longevity, it's masterpiece. Kouros offers the no-nonsense, unabashedly masculine, testosterone-fuelled experience.On a parenthesis, I am reading my way through Friedrich Nietzsche Thus spoke Zarathustra: A book for All and None - 1891, and Kouros does indeed, to me, embody the research for the Übermensch in fragrance.My friend wore this when he picked me up at the airport in London. It’s not for timid or bashful men, It’s not for boys. My 90's bottle almost finished so i tried today a recent formula in the mall to see if it's buy worthy still. So to put; it was like a macho man getting what he wants no matter what cost, who doesn't kneel for anything but now rather tamed, domestified, metrosexual, changes his mood in order to please his woman. Dear YSL please just announce kouros as discontinued and launch this reform with another name, at least that kind of gesture kouros deserves... When it settles in, the lemon recedes and the underlying dark musty notes make themselves known. There is something about it that compels me to constantly smell it when I wearing it.I dont know, nor do I care about what makes KOUROS what it is. I will be hunting a vintage bottle if i find though I have been wearing since high school. No the reformulation is not as good, but it is still great as the original was AMAZING. Try it if you dare I have the current formulation and one from 2005. Any fellow fragrance enthusiasts willing to sell me a sample please send me a private message. Getting older and my tastes and wandering into the more exotic. wore this in the 90's constantly, women and men loved it and with azzaro pour homme they were my two main fragrances. ": only a handful of perfume brands have been bold enough to make similar statements (Chanel Antaeus 1981, Mugler Angel 1992, Alien 2005 & A*men 1994, Paco Rabanne Invictus 2013 & Olympea 2015, Versace Éros 2012 and to a lesser extent Creed Aventus 2010 - depending on your take of Napoléon...) and fewer still have delivered on this promise.I cannot after 'years' figure this one out, it's so frustrating you don't even know.

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