Interreligion dating

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Interreligion dating - white man and black woman dating

And protect their sons from becoming puppets of hate mongering Maulanas: 📌 Muslim parents should teach their sons difference between what Tarek Fateh calls Allah ka Islam and Mullah Ka Islam.Teach their sons that a girl’s cries and sorrow won’t win him 72 hoors or Jannat.

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According to Pew, 2015 might be the year of the religious “nones,” as those who do not identify or affiliate with any faith tradition are on the rise, while the number those who call themselves “Christian” is declining.

Hadiya / Akhila Love Jihad case is undergoing in Supreme court. And what Muslims are doing ( OTHER THAN CONSIDERING LOVE JIHAD AS A CONSPIRACY HATCHED BY RSS / BJP TO DEFAME ISLAM ) ?

Heena Talreja, another “educated” victim of love jihad was shot dead by her husband Adnan Khan. What Hindus or basically non Muslims can do to protect non Muslim girls from Love Jihad ?

📌 Muslims should be taught that converting any non Muslim to Islam by means of cheating, feigning love is not allowed in Islam.

Non Muslims and Non Jihadi Muslims should unite in the fight against Love Jihad, Hindus, Sikhs & other non Muslims should think , if all girls will fall in trap of Love Jihad, what will be their future ?

My very simple question to them is ” Do crimes don’t happen to educated people ? Most of the girls you can see in the picture , were victim of Love Jihad , raped & killed. Harshita Sharma was raped by a Muslim boy named Zubair Khan. Bollywood has it’s influence to some extent , but the main inspiration is Islamic Extremism progagated by some Maulanas & Terrorist organizations, You Tube is full of videos of Islamic scholars, asking Muslim boys to do lure Hindu and Sikh girls ▶marry them▶convert them to Islam ▶produce kids and contribute in Population Jihad ▶ throw the girl into prostitution / kill / send to Terrorist organizations.

” , ” Do criminals spare educated people just because they’re “educated” ? Jisha kumari’s rapist Ameerul Islam has been awarded death sentence. Question that arises is , what non Muslim are doing about it ( OTHER THAN IGNORING THE REALITY ) ?

The bright (or bleak, according to some) spot in the latest Pew report?

Since 2010, interfaith marriages have increased, and now four-in-ten Americans marry a spouse of a different religious group.

📌 Girls need to be taught about Love Jihad, it’s purpose & consequences. 📌 Girls should talk to their parents, if they are stalked by any suspicious person.

📌 Girls should use their smartness and education to identify the real friend and enemy behind the veil of friendship.

But, it doesn’t take much Googling to uncover advice against the modern paradigm of the “nones” and blended faith families.