Internet dating euphemisms

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It's always an excursion down memory lane as my husband and I check the Ivy Leaf Collection.

Too many people would consider this valueless until you put it in context with hundreds of other points on the graph, and then you can re-construct history." Each point counts and is gratefully received.My husband got the full view of this lady's alarming abdomen as she approached us at one of the tables."I tell you, that quivering mass of cellulite quite put me off my pudding!She remembers accompanying her father to the launch of the Queen Mary and how she got a great view of the Queen herself as she launched the massive ship.Queen Mary had an excellent figure, but it was her immobility that fascinated our acquaintance.She reminded us that in those days, it was not just a heroically tight corset that limited one's movements, but all the petticoats, clothes and coats that went over the top. Cars were unheated and usually open and the Queen, like most woman of the era, was wrapped up from head to toe, and, frankly, capable of only limited movement.

The stairs to the launching platform were cut with a very low step to allow the women present to raise one foot to the next level.

On the theme of ships, one of Spirella's more outlandish and true advertising stories was that of the lady who was pulled from the sea after jumping from the burning liner 'Morro Castle'.

She praised Spirella's corsets since despite the traumatic event, they washed up a treat, didn't rust and lasted many more years (hopefully not with the same level of abuse.) We actually visited the London 'Queen Mary' last November and my husband couldn't resist dragging me inside.

Low-cut jeans, a Denim jacket of a totally different hue and texture, and, horror of horrors, four inches of bare tummy between the jeans and her tank top.

It wasn't even as though her tummy was attractive and flat!

As far as we can, we try to share the history of these amazing garments with you.