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" -- Melissa Senate, author, SEE JANE DATE and LOVE YOU TO DEATH"What if a database could tell you everything you might need to know about someone before you even met?

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Though it can get a little heavy at times with her introspection about what went wrong in her marriage (and as the book progresses, it becomes evident), the payoff is a sometimes funny and often poignant look at a modern woman who will do anything to protect her heart. The writing was great and the story kept me captivated but I did not think that the story was very realistic.

the dialogue is what i really enjoy about o'connell's writing.

she has a way of providing depth to characters with a-typical conversations.

It was time for a new novel and I finished this one in under a week.

Although I have not shared the same experiences as Abby (main character), I can relate to her and the trouble she got herself into, stemming from unfinished business in her past.

Her "crime" was completely inappropriate for a 30-something to commit, but she is easily forgivable because you can see that behind her mistake, she is a good, likable person with the same weaknesses and fears as the rest of us, and she takes responsibility for her actions. O'Connell should write a sequel to this novel, I would buy it in a hearbeat.i enjoy jennifer o'connell's writing, and it seems to improve with each book.

the main character's emotions result in unethical behavior, beyond what i'd usually accept in a likable person but somehow you do still feel for her.

I never really understood why Abby was divorced from Alex other than they fell out of love or possibly that Abby was afraid to love.

It seemed to me that she was very much harmed from her parent's divorce many years earlier.

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