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The Orchard, which planned to open the film next week, scrubbed its release on Friday.The last-minute maneuver followed the project’s exposure at the Toronto Film Festival, and came just as “For Your Consideration” screeners went out pitching the movie for awards contention.

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K.’s confession, after years of rumors about his behavior.

“At the time I was lonely and vulnerable, having just come out of a relationship. “I was shocked to hear he was married, with two young children who were three and five at the time, as he was so flirtatious. “He spent £3,000 on me in one night when we went to an expensive lap-dancing club which I hated.

“But I was being swept off my feet, and I fell in love with him.

In one especially ill-timed sequence, a comedy star played by Charlie Day furiously mimes masturbating while Louis C.

K.’s producer talks on the phone to a popular actress.

K.’s movie “I Love You, Daddy” would have been oddly creepy under the best of circumstances.

But the director-star’s admission Friday to masturbating in front of women, confirming a New York Times piece about his misconduct, cemented how near-impossible it would be currently to separate the film from reality.

“I think married men often search for women who seem vulnerable, because this makes them more susceptible to their charm.

“Often they are going through a period of stress or even depression, and feel they need to bring excitement into their life.” She continued: “I have made a promise to myself, I will never be a mistress again, as my relationship with a married man ended very badly and left me both depressed and ill, with my self-confidence shattered.

“I lived for his visits and our talks late into the night.” But Clare’s affair came crashing down a year after it began. “She asked if I was Clare — I knew who it was straight away.

“She shouted, ‘Stay away from my husband,’ and ranted about me being a home-wrecker until I ended the call shaking and crying.

The online PA, who lives in New Cross, South East London, first met Jeremy (not his real name) when he hired her to work for him. “He contacted me over email to say he wanted to hire me as an online PA for a music management business. “When he arrived at my home he was chatty, flattering, bearing gifts and whisked me out for an expensive meal. “He stayed with me for almost two weeks — I later found out he’d told his wife he was on a business trip.

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