How to write dating head lines

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How to write dating head lines - robert hoffman dating

Everyone participates in New Year’s games, exchanging gifts and kisses.When the evening’s feast is about to be served, Arthur introduces a new game: he refuses to eat his dinner until he has heard a marvelous story.

Arthur and Gawain decide to hang the axe above the main dais.

Without introducing himself, the knight demands to see the person in charge.

His question meets dead silence—the stunned lords and ladies stare at him silently, waiting for Arthur to respond.

His huge horse is green, and his green hair and beard are woven together with gold thread.

He holds a holly bob in one hand and a huge green and gold axe in the other.

Arthur blushes and steps forth defend his court, but just as he begins to swing the giant axe at the unfazed Green Knight, Gawain stands up and requests that he be allowed to take the challenge himself.

The king agrees, and Gawain recites the terms of the game to show the Green Knight that he understands the pact he has undertaken.

Romulus founded Rome, Ticius founded Tuscany, and Brutus founded Britain.

The author introduces Britain’s greatest leader, the legendary King Arthur.

While the lords and ladies feast, with Arthur’s nephew Gawain and Guinevere sitting together in the place of privilege at the high table, Arthur continues to wait for his marvel.

As if in answer to Arthur’s request, an unknown knight suddenly enters the hall on horseback.

Arthur steps forward, inviting the knight to join the feast and tell his tale after he has dismounted from his horse.