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Access to education counts for little when it is not backed up by quality.The world needs mathematicians more than ever before.

But most people don't realize that Geniuses can do more than troubleshoot technical problems.

Even Hardy was ready to dismiss Ramanujan’s work, until he realized the remarkable depths of what he was reading. There are seventy million unschooled children in the world.

That’s seventy millions beacons extinguished without a hope.

Yet historical barriers — from parental expectations and gender stereotypes to xenophobia and poverty — persist to this day. The values of society exert untold influence on children’s mathematical achievement.

A handful of mathematicians may prevail through dogged persistence, sheer luck or divine intervention. It is our beliefs and choices that make mathematical genius so fragile.

We have a global talent pool of mathematical geniuses at our fingertips.

The crown jewel of Apple's fantastic retail stores is the Genius Bar.After finding her slumped over her books one morning following an all-nighter, Germain’s parents finally relented. Her talents put her in correspondence with the Prince of Mathematicians, Carl Friedrich Gauss, who later expressed admiration and astonishment when discovering Germain’s true gender.Good job too — her contributions to number theory proved pivotal. The most sobering aspect of Sophie Germain’s story is that it could just as easily play out today.Not that modern schooling is a safe haven to opportunity.Socioeconomic achievement remains closely related to educational outcomes.It appears that, even in 2017, the country into which we are born profoundly shapes our life chances.

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