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Quite frankly, even if a penpal lives in the town over, they have so much to offer your child in terms of exposing them to differences – whether it’s small things like food preferences to big things like cultural background. And when a “hot singles” dating ad pops up, I can’t click away fast enough.However, finding a penpal can be a little challenging. Fortunately, our Associate Editor at Cool Mom Picks happens to be a homeschool mom.

And knowing that she had a daughter around my own daughter’s age with similar interests, I figured it might be fun for them to become penpals.

Users simply scroll through pics of people in their area, and hit “yes” when they see someone they’d like to meet. I guess he’s looking for love like everyone else,” laughs our tipster.

One newish Tinder user tells us he was shocked to see the handsome Cohen pop up in his feed, and that he knows another user whom the network exec met in person and charmed within minutes. Tinder Select app available to most affluent and attractive To note, Cohen is the first openly gay late-night talk show host in the U. To further prove it’s Cohen and not an impostor, the profile picture is a black-and-white photo snapped on the set of “WWHL,” with Cohen holding cards that have talking points for the show.

The actor explained on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM show in January that the app helps him meet women, because many people think Stonestreet is gay in real life, like his character on the show.

“On Tinder, there’s a decent chance [of a date] but it’s all based on immediate physical attraction,” Stonestreet told the King of all Media.

And while I did end up ditching the lesson plan book, we were pretty consistent with the letter writing, so much so that I wanted to add in someone else – a penpal.

I can think of tons of reasons why penpals are such a wonderful addition to a homeschool curriculum, not just from a basic language arts and penmanship standpoint, but also from a social studies lens as well.

Reach out to a friend or family member Homeschooler or not, you could always connect your kids with your friends’ kids (or relatives’ kids) in another state. While it would be nice to have a pen pal in a faraway place, there’s nothing wrong with starting close.

Not only will it be a great experience for your kids, but it might keep you and your friends and family more connected as well. It also helps to know the parents because you’ll have an idea as to who is going to stick with it. Whether you have friends in another state that homeschool or you’ve got access to a homeschool group somewhere else (perhaps pick a place that your kids are interested in studying), you could email them and see if any of their members might have kids interested in penpals.

” “What was the favorite part of your day yesterday? Sometimes we send formal letters, but other times, it’s pictures, postcards from our trips, and yes, apparently even bouncy balls.

By changing it up and letting your kids get creative, I think they’ll be more intrinsically motivated to continue the writing relationship.

And the parents can make it a part of their curriculum rather than an after thought.