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Callers receive information on HIV and AIDS related issues including locations of testing sites and program services in Florida.Please explore our web site or e-mail a counselor if you need any additional information.

Be sure to enter correct contact information if you would like a response. • Please only click the yellow tab labeled UNDOCK if you are familiar with chat applications.These include: You don't have to tell everyone about your HIV status right away.You might want to talk with a counselor or social worker first.Self-help organizations Self-help groups enable people to share experiences and pool their knowledge to help each other and themselves.They are run by members, not by professionals (though professionals are involved).If you let the right people in your life know that you are HIV positive, they can: Deciding to tell others that you are HIV positive is an important personal choice.

It can make a big difference in how you cope with the disease. If you decide to share information about your diagnosis, it is best to tell people you trust or people who are directly affected.

You may, for example, be able to find groups specifically for women, African Americans, gay men, transgender individuals, or other specific groups of people.

Because members face similar challenges, they may feel an instant sense of community.

Or you can go online, where you can find message boards and chat rooms.

Always discuss what you learn from these sources with your provider.

You also will likely have a social worker who is part of the HIV clinic team where you will receive care. Finally, the VA has Vet Centers that provide support in areas like post-traumatic stress disorder, military sexual trauma, and suicide prevention.

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    Particularly popular among students preparing to enter medical schools (many medical schools require at least one semester of calculus), pharmacy, and MBA programs.

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