Healthy approaches to dating

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Healthy approaches to dating - hot dating chat

"It is perfectly legitimate for people to be clear about what they do and do not want in a partner." Williams agrees with Schmitt and Fisher that men and women have innate desires wired deep into the brain.But he stresses the importance of other brain wiring -- that which gives us reason.

"And, as the Catholics say, there is the issue of avoiding proximate occasions of sin. When people tell me they are having an affair, they think the most dangerous part is getting caught.

Women want to know their potential partners significantly longer before sex.

Yet another difference points to the origin of the dumb-blonde stereotype: The minds of men.

And the desires of men everywhere in the world should differ in the same ways from those of women. Now there's convincing new evidence that this is so.

It comes from the International Sexuality Description Project, led by David P. The projects findings appear in the July 2003 issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

But there's nothing wrong with knowing what you want and going for it, says George Williams, Ph D, an Atlanta-based marital and sex therapist.

"I help people become conscious of their own desires," Williams tells Web MD."What we found is that when men opt for short-term mating, they pursue larger numbers of partners than women," Schmitt says."When women go short-term mating, they don't go for large numbers. They look for physically attractive men who have masculine facial features."These differences aren't as conspicuous as those for short-term desires, but they are still quite distinct," Schmitt says."Long term, men prefer youth and physical attractiveness while women prefer men who are somewhat older, intelligent, and ambitious.Women look for men who are symmetrical, who are high in social dominance.

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