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He cared for the wounded and for the displaced evacuees, but their care as such was yet another such detail that he couldn’t do anything about.There were more than enough larger issues to fill his day as it was, though one of them was most definitely the decision of what to do next.

He took an additional moment to carefully make sure that his rank insignia, a brooch forming three slanted golden bars inside a golden rectangle that sat just under his right collarbone, was both in the right place and straight.On those grounds, he’d also tried to get himself discharged several times already. When he’d taken that point up with Marcus Cain, the irritating young doctor in charge of the Albion’s sickbay, the doctor had merely shrugged and told the admiral that he still needed to get some more rest and to go back to sleep.When the admiral had tried to object, and had done so quite vehemently, the physician had simply told him straight to his face that, since he didn’t trust him to take it easy on his own, he couldn’t and wouldn’t let him go back to duty.From now on, his job was to handle big problems and big decisions, and to let the captains and their officers take care of the smaller ones, if at all possible free of his interference.There were too many smaller problems for any one man to handle, and he knew that if he as much as tried, he’d just be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of them. Still thinking about what to do next, he left sickbay with only a wave and a smile to the duty nurse, leaving it and its problems in the care of her and the doctors.USS ALBION FEDERATION SOVEREIGN-CLASS COMMAND BATTLECRUISER GEOSTATIONARY ORBIT, VULCAN The admiral still felt a little weak, but at least he wasn’t quite as tired as he had been anymore.

That wasn’t to say he’d actually enjoyed being stuck in sickbay for several days, or for that sake that he’d appreciated the constant attention he’d been getting from the ship’s doctors all that much.If anything could make him realize that he had to focus his attention on a smaller number of issues, this was it.It didn’t matter if he thought he could do a better job than someone else in terms of a specific task.He had then simply left the room and locked the door behind him.There weren’t many people in all of Starfleet that had the authority to lock a vice admiral in his room, but unfortunately, Starfleet regulations were crystal clear.No matter what rank he or she carried, a starship’s chief medical officer could simply refer to it being a medical decision and whatever rank you carried suddenly became utterly and effectively meaningless.

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