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Monitor and contribute to the event hashtag and the online networking space for a few days or weeks as the conversation winds down.

If there isn't a hashtag, you can suggest to the event host that they pick one (before their attendees choose one for them! Hashtag conversations happen on Twitter, but you may even see the hashtag used on Instagram and beyond.It may sound counter-intuitive that a virtual conference can come with real-world networking opportunities.Yet, adding a face-to-face component is a great way to get more out of the experience.They give people access to more career opportunities and training at a lower cost.By integrating technology, they can increase access to information both during and after the event.Doodling, sketching, mind mapping, and other types of visual note-taking can help you stay focused, learn more effectively, and retain all that new information for the long haul.

Many virtual events include an online community networking space, chat rooms, or an email discussion list.

Email people you met if you have something relevant to offer them, be it a resource they were interested in, advice on a problem they're struggling with, or help on a project they mentioned.

Have you figured out a way to get the most out of a virtual conference?

In whatever form it's offered, virtual networking lets you connect with other attendees, ask questions, share your expertise, and discover resources.

If one is offered, set up your attendee profile before the virtual event starts.

To follow along and contribute your ideas, use the native social media site or app, or a tool like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.