Hard videochat without registration

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Hard videochat without registration

I guess the headline unifying the Facebook ‘is’ and the missing records would be: “Mr Darling is contrite but not unduly concerned.” [UPDATE 2: It’s all there (videos, etc) on the home page and especially [UPDATE: live blogs via Erick Schonfeld and Peter Ha confirm “No data plan. As an illustration of point (c): when I was studying Spanish, I used to read a lot of Spanish-language news on handhelds, and found that some embedded tap-to-translate software I installed (from Lingvosoft) made all the difference in the world, and in fact made the subjective experience far better and far more convenient for me than any other combination (hard copy, dictionary, desktop browser, etc).

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Google, for instance, which is amassing a great collection of scanned-in books.More importantly, the open source version will let developers add new repositories in a straightforward way.[Read story, plus links.] Expert Search, Jianhan Zhu’s engine which returns people rather than documents, scores highly in TREC07, gets a mobile rendition and is accessible via the OU Library site.Hey, I first heard about the Kindle while browsing with my great ol’ Tablet PC (blogged previously) in my lap…which itself is great mainly as a read-only device! If I were a betting man, which I am, I’d bet against it being an i Pod for books, but (by analogy with the i Pod) several vendors have to push hard within that niche first.Sure, I’ve also just purchased a pile of music from the i Tunes store for my spiffy new i Phone.

Like I’ve said before in “LP/MP3 si, CD no“, all-digital is great for convenience, and vinyl is great for feeling the disc and reading the cover – and it can sound great too. OK, back to some chores – don’t wanna waste the day online!

I was especially delighted that both KMi co-founder Tom Vincent and also Lady Kitty Chisholm, who was so critical in the creation of KMi in the first place, were both able to attend. best to check KMi Planet for all the news, but here’s a sampler of stuff I’ve had the privilege of being connected with (click on thumbnails for larger images): MSG adds video.

It was great to catch up with everyone, and I’m looking forward to the party tonight. Our open source AJAX messenger-with-maps joins the emergeing Me Beam brigade, and more.

Of course I’ll peek a little, but right now I’m just chucking everything, with three caveats: I’m filling recycling bags with recyclable stuff (mostly paper and cardboard); I’m trying to give away some old computers to the Computing Museum at Bletchley Park; and most of my books are going into the KMi Library – some personal favourites including Newell & Simon’s 1972 classic , etc.

I’ll probably keep about 10 out of hundreds – who’s got the room or the time – I’m no longer interested!

[UPDATE: see Marc Eisenstadt’s Google Profile for best info].