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Very minor scuffing on surface for the age of this bag.

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During our inaugural trip to the handbag hall of Brown Thomas, we discovered that Prada is currently selling a handbag for €8,000. Marc Jacobs will sell you a leather rucksack for €700 and Miu Miu will sell you a pony-skin handbag with the spots of a leopard for €2,200. The handbag conspiracy continues as the fluffy little heads of women continue to be crammed full of thoughts of supple leatherwork rather than nuclear physics or peace in Syria. Even women you hope would know better appear to have been infected.1940s patterns often used diagrams to save using precious paper and sewers were encouraged to reuse old newspapers or used brown wrapping paper to trace their patterns.Sometimes there is no grid- and as the shapes are simple, just a diagram is given with measurements, like this one for an apron We do realise that some sewers are still a little nervous so we do offer a email back up service where you can ask us questions at any time.Very often in publications over a hundred years old the item would be made from simple shapes of fabric such as rectangles or squares, or circles which the publishers felt that sewers could easily measure and cut out themselves.This is a good example of such an item- this is a smocked handbag dating from the 1890s which is made from rectangles of fabric which are then smocked (we also include the smocking instructions) So these instructions are easily downloadable and understandable as they are in a written form.Increased travel in the late 19th and early 20th centuries encouraged the development of sets of matching luggage, which included handbags for the discerning lady traveller. That’s when the big boys swung into action, creating brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Hermes.

Things became ridiculous as the cult of the handbag grew. Anyone convulsed by austerity might want to look away now.

As time went by,some patterns started to become a little more sophisticated in the publications and so they needed to convey more intricate shapes- this meant that they then used 'diagrams' or 'drafts' This meant that the pattern shape was drawn onto a grid of one inch squares.

The squares were then made smaller so that they could fit onto the pages of the publication and then the sewer was asked to use one inch squared paper - it could be bought ready made or the sewer could draw the grid themselves- and translate the shape square by square onto their paper.

This sounds tricky but was in fact ingenuously simple.

By looking at where the lines crossed each square (eg in the middle of the line or at the corner) the sewer could easily draw the shape by following the lines.

Securely fastened with magnetic closures, the bag opens to reveal a lined interior with slip pouch for organised storage. Description The classic Barcelona bag gets reimagined in a whimsical way featuring multicolor hearts on black leather, with an adjustable cross body strap and polished gold closure.

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