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It’s just been a lot of fun because we don’t get a lot of time together, but it’s amazing with technology you feel like you know these guys now, so it’s been a lot of fun.” Gilroy put O’Neill, a teammate with Jokerit in the Kontinental Hockey League, in charge of organizing the group chat on Whats App and called it “our first challenge as a team.” Gilroy apparently wanted an outlet to give other players a hard time, so he was active on the chirping front.

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The US was among the final teams to get on the ice together as a group, save for many playing at the pre-Olympic Deutschland Cup in November.

With just five practices to get up to speed with coach Tony Granato and each other, the group chat and a website to study various systems were essential to bonding and developing camaraderie.

We’re going to do everything we can that he saw in us to give us this opportunity.” Getting this opportunity because the NHL isn’t participating in the Olympics for the first time since 1994 is something Granato believes helped grow a brotherhood among his 25 players.

“They all realize they have a unique opportunity and they’re very similar in lots of different ways,” he said.

They talked hockey, logistics and life, and it’s already paying dividends.

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