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Both the decks and the large, in ground pool were always immaculate, with him always upgrading things and the water was always clear. I hadn't made enough money during spring term to cover all my books, even with the money Dad sent, because The Greasy Greek had raised the rent again.Tommy would laugh and say that Tino kept up the pool so he could watch the young chicks from his picture window (that faced the pool area) while he was jacking off. Worse, Phyllis had moved out, and Kellie and I ended up having to go halves instead of thirds on the rent.

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Even being the tightwad that he was when it came to maintaining the buildings, Tino was, for some odd reason, generous when it came to the pool area of the place. But one summer, I had just turned 19 and had enrolled for classes for that semester.

I then gradually downed his dick and continued to caress his inner thigh at the same time. And now enjoying every moment of having his hardness practically in my throat.

Soon, I felt his muscles tightening, sensing he was about to cum at any minute.

I had gotten an idea one afternoon after I had gotten in from school and changed my clothes. Just a second; I'll be right there." The place smelled like weed and his stare creeped me out at first when he let me in, but then I remembered why I was there.

I thought that if perhaps I could reason with The Greasy Greek to hold off until my dad sent another check, Kellie and I wouldn't be thrown out. Of course, he had looked me up and down with those dark eyes of his. I won't evict you if you do something for me right now." "Okay....." "I want you to suck my cock." "Tino, I..." "Either put out or get out, baby.

Being we girls that lived there were all anywhere between eighteen and twenty one, most found Tino, despite being hot in his own way, to be pervy and weird, and avoided him as much as possible.

It wasn't easy, being he lived downstairs and we had to pay rent to him every month; Kellie managed to still avoid him when she would write a check every month (after Phyllis and I pitched in our share to her), and slide it in Tino's mail slot.If we didn't have two guys, Jason (who I suspected had a crush on Kellie) and Tommy, living down the hall picking up the slack from time to time, we would all be living in a dump.Of course, Tino neither reimbursed them nor knocked off anything on the rent for improvements, which pissed us off even more. He was always nasty to the older couple that managed the building next door that Tino now also owned.This was an area where rents were totally outrageous, so finding the place, Phyllis, Kellie and I considered ourselves lucky--at least at the time.The landlord was a Greek guy, age thirty, that everyone called Tino; it turned out his dad had died and left him the property.At least I hoped so, but with the asshole Tino was, even that option looked dim. I had figured since unlike most of the girls in the place, I had at least made the attempt to be nice to him previously, so I crossed my fingers and prayed that would at least work to my advantage. It was then I realized I still had on my short denim skirt and a pink tank top, and worse, I had forgotten to put on a bra underneath before coming downstairs. "I was just wanting to talk with you girls, but for some reason, I can never catch Kellie. My dad is going to send some money next week....." "Tara, you girls are going to be two months behind pretty soon. " I was a bit relieved, figuring maybe he wanted Kellie and me to do some work in exchange for clearing our back balance. Your choice." I was taken aback and felt like I was about to barf at the thought of having The Greasy Greek's dick in my mouth.