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Streets that zig-zag up the hillside opposite the walled village have a great view of the walled town across the river.

This is popular tourist site, only 60 km from Nice.The village streets are dark and narrow between the high buildings, maintaining the medieval feeling you get from crossing the bridge and entering the fortified area through the gateway.The Gothic Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption church is quite grand, dating from 15th and 17th centuries, with a large, oranate facade.Medieval: From the 5th century, the town was a Bishopic called La Sedz-Glandèves.The current village was built in the 11th century It was fortified more thoroughly around 1542 when King François 1st declared Entrevaux a Royal Town in the Kingdom of France.For the past decade or so, the band has played homage to their previous roots by covering Mother Love Bone’s infectious “Crowd of Thorns”.

Widely considered Mother Love Bone’s essential hit, it’s now become a live staple of Pearl Jam’s sets, which is why it makes sense that Cameron Crowe would use the track in the upcoming documentary, will recognize the song, as it appeared on the film’s soundtrack.) This particular cut is stripped from Pearl Jam’s Las Vegas gig at the MGM Grand, dating all the way back to 10/22/2000. We suggest that you get the walking tour guide from the Office de Tourisme and put it to use.The "commercial" center of Entrevaux is along the road opposite the old town. Included are the post office, pharmacie, shops, restaurants and such things.Viewing Entrevaux from the outside is impressive, both for the perched citadel and for the walled town.Just as impressive is the walled Medieval town, with entrance through the gate house, across the long draw bridge and through the vaulted gate between the two towers.We've put a copy here [Citadel Map] to give you an idea before-hand. We did a recent short visit, and found two hours is sufficient from the train station, walking up to and touring the citadel, visiting the museum on the way down, and back to the station.