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Men′s dresses were buttoned on the front and women′s dresses got a décolletage.

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Depictions of kings and their attendants from the Old Assyrian Empire and Babylonia on monuments like the Black Obelisk of Salmanazar show men wearing fringed cloths wrapped around their sleeved tunics.

It covered the straps attaching the upper legs iron cuisse to the breastplate.

The innovative new techniques specially improved tailoring trousers and tights which designs needed more differently cut pieces of cloth than most skirts.

“Real” trousers and tights increasingly replaced the prevalent use of the hose (clothing) which like stockings covered only the legs and had to be attached with garters to underpants or a doublet.

A skirt-like garment to cover the crotch and bottom was no more necessary.

The ritual attire for men was a fur skirt tied to a belt called Kaunakes.

The term kaunakes, which originally referred to a sheep's fleece was later applied to the garment itself.The exclusive use of draped linen garments and the wearing of similar styles by men and women remained almost unaltered as the main features of Ancient Egyptian costume.From about 2.130 BC during the Old Kingdom of Egypt, men also wore wrap around skirts (kilts) known as the shendyt, They were made of a rectangular piece of cloth wrapped around the lower body and tied in front.By the Middle Kingdom of Egypt there was a fashion for longer kilts, almost like skirts, reaching from the waist to ankles, sometimes hanging from the armpits.During the New Kingdom of Egypt kilts with a pleated triangular section became fashionable for men.Outside Western cultures, men's clothing commonly includes skirts and skirt-like garments; however, in North America and much of Europe, the wearing of a skirt is today usually seen as typical for women and girls and not men and boys, the most notable exceptions being the cassock and the kilt.