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From the piano driven, Apology to the market ready Little White Lies, this album will speak to experiences that you didn't know you had.

Justin has a new album coming out soon and I think that you should go to his website and at least listen to the tracks posted there.

There are a few artists that have the ability to fully harness their experiences and put them out for all to see. There isn't an over abundance of production and for an artist like Justin, you don't need vocoders and autotune. For that matter, I think he could sing the phone book and deliver it with honesty and integrity.

So the album is made up of 10 tracks that range from pure pop to alt country and everything in between.

I had been told that there are 3 people you can talk to in life about your problems; your preacher, your hairdresser and your bartender.

Since I wasn't old enough to go to a bar and I didn't have a steady hairdresser I figured the best thing to do was to talk to my preacher.

I shared with him the feelings that were causing so much conflict in my life and magically after that conversation - he really didn't want to have much to do with me anymore.

He didn't want to offer additional counseling or offer conversion therapy, he simply didn't want to have anything to do with me. Unlike my experience, Justin Utley experienced something far more heinous and sinister at the hands of the people he placed his faith in.

At that point in time, he realized that the church did not need him.

In 2005, Justin took all of his experiences up until that point and crafted his debut album, Runaway.

He has had the opportunity of traveling around the country and even internationally playing for people.

He was at Pride in Stockholm, Sweden this year and he destroyed the audience with his song, Stand for Something. You won't regret it if you are a fan of honest, American music.

The album is one of the most honest, laid bare, albums I've heard in a long time.