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It is better if you really pay them with small banknotes, indeed.If you have a problem with taxi drivers, write down the plate number of the taxi explicitly (make sure he understands), and try to tell him that you will go to the police ('police' sounds the same in Turkish).

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Because of the under-developed economy and the wide-gap between the rich and the poor you can encounter some malicious people.Although Turkey is undergoing a rapid change, certain things are still very traditional and peculiar in this country. Taking immigration from all over the country, Istanbul is a summary of the whole Turkey. Com is published by local people living in Istanbul and updated frequently with the latest information about the gay venues in Istanbul which you can not find anywhere else.We are not only listing the existing venues, but also the places which have already been closed down for various reasons, still being listed on other websites and printed gay-guides as well.In fact ordinary Turkish people are very hospitable and nice people, but do not expect everyone you meet will be like that in such nightlife or tourist districts of the city.Istanbul is a big metropolis ultimately, where you can meet any kind of people.In general feel at home and even be a little snob when necessary.

Make sure that there is law in this country, and fight for your rights if needed.There are few clubs/bars like that but their hustlers are always around who are said to be taking commissions from them.Simply stay away from people in these neighborhoods who are too friendly all of a sudden, no matter what their stories are.This gay culture is kind of similar to historical buggery or sodomy culture in the western countries.As a result of this bisexual culture, there is a big transvestite & transgender society in Istanbul and in other big cities of Turkey.The border-line is very transitional between straight, bisexual, gay, queer, transvestite and transgender people.

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    Westwick has denied all allegations, tweeting: ‘I do not know this woman.