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Love got her early when she met the California developer, Steve Marks Jr and they ended up marrying when both were at the age of 20.

Maloof had a good share of love in her life with two past marriages and current dating affair.She had a marriage running for a span time of decade with the cosmetic surgeon, Paul Nassif.They married in the year 2002 and came to an end with divorce in 2012.Most Friday evenings find him perched atop this 10-foot desert dune, scanning the horizon as if waiting for some far-off spark to flicker.It doesn’t, but in his 25-year-old mind he sees something far brighter—the future, what could happen, happen, if only he could make others see what he does.Maloof Sr., father along with her other four brothers, George J.

Maloof Jr, Joe Maloof, Gavin Maloof and Phil Maloof.She splits with Sean in March 2017 which started in January.She had a different game when it turns to Jacob Busch because she was romantically linked with him after the divorce with her husband of ten years, Paul Nassif back in 2013.However, they did not share a bitter relationship after instead remained close friends.The shock hit Maloof hard when Steve was diagnosed with cancer and was unrecoverable.Less than a year after they wed they had it annulled.