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Dart urging the Mastercard and Visa to cease their credit cards’ transactions on the site.“The use of credit cards in this violent industry implies an undeserved credibility and sense of normalcy to such illicit transactions and only serves to increase demand,” Dart wrote in the letters sent Monday.Mastercard said Tuesday that it was cutting ties with the website, with a spokesperson confirming to TPM that it approached Backpage’s bank and that bank is no longer process Mastercard payments for transactions.

Craigslist ended its adult services section in 2010 due to similar concerns.

Cook County, which includes Chicago, is the second largest county in the country and is the site of 20,000 Backpage prostitution ads, according to the letter.“[T]he unfettered proliferation of websites like has provided this violent industry with a mask of normalcy, driving demand ever higher and increasing the enslavement of prostituted individuals, including children,” Dart wrote, alleging that in more than 800 cases where his office responded to Backpage ads, every investigation led to an arrest.

American Express already does not do business with Backpage.

Oleg Tinkov, founder of the bank, tweeted: "Our lawyers think he is going to get not 24m, but really 4 years in prison for fraud.

Now it's a matter of principle for @tcsbanktwitter." The court will review Mr Argakov's case next month.

You wouldn't keep your cash in five separate bank accounts. Keep one card in your purse - the one with the lowest interest rate - and cut up the others.

Use this one card to keep better track of your spending."The Bank confirmed its agreement to the client's terms and sent him a credit card and a copy of the approved application form," his lawyer Dmitry Mikhalevich told Kommersant. He could afford to buy an island somewhere in Malaysia, and the bank would have to pay for it by law." Earlier this week a Russian judge ruled in Mr Argakov's favour.Tinkoff had signed the contract and was legally bound to it.It's easy to think that your debt is too big to deal with.Follow our tips to start to reduce the amount you owe and gradually regain control of your finances.Every time the bank failed to comply with the rules, he would fine them 3m rubles (£58,716).

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