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VRATAVARSHA 5 we look at the Milky Way which is its iim Within our galaxy theie aie numerous nebula?— shining volumes of exceedingly tenuous gas— diffuse stais, that is stars in foimation It is estimated that oui galaxy lotates once in 300,000,000 yeais Extra-galactic island univeises appear as nebula?

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It seems atoms which have sets of 2, 8, 01 18 electrons on their outsides are chemically inert But all atoms with one outer electron as Sodium or Potassiu m are chemically very active The, universe is finite but unbounded and bends back on itself like the earth’s surface It has been proved that light comes back to its starting point, as one can come to Calcutta from Chicago either by the Pacific or Atlantic route The Nebula M in Triangulum, is 760,000 light years distant The Great Nebula m Andromeda, the best known of the nebulse, as it IS visible in unaided eyes, is 800,000 light years distant If these nebulse are observed m both directions with telescopes, they can be seen as small and dim objects Eoughly a ton of bucks occupies a cubic yard , while the millions of particles which form this ton of bricks occupy only about a cubic inch.Our gallery sections: Amateur Pictures, Voyeur Sneaks, Hardcore Pictures.If you have a credit card (VISA, Discover, JCB) or if you can pay by online check (only US customers), you can use our traditional safe and secure payment provider!Weight Density Diameter 1 Sim Yellow OGOO^C 1 141 1 1200 Betelgeuse Eed 3,100°C 16 6x10- 290 100 Arctuius Orange 4,300'C 8 0003 27 80,000 Conopus White 11,0 100 18,000 Bigel Bluish 16,000 60 002 30 3400 Antares Eed 3,100 30 3x10^ 450 26 Slims White 11,007 24 42 18 *003 Dark Com- White 7500 96 27,000 * 034 panion of Sinus How IS it that the dark companion of Sinus has a density of 27,000 times that of water ?A Star discovered * by Van Moanen has a density 400,000 times that of water Atoms are e THE BAGIAL HIOTOBr Off INDU bulky objoots for their weight as their nucleus is surrounded by electrons at great spaces apart Under a very high temperature and pressure m certain stars atoms lose their rings of efectrons BO the nuclear masses are enormously packed close together Therefore it is easily conceivable that the dark companion has such a great (27000 tunes) density Under great pressures even gaseous matters of very high temperature ran ^ sohi In variable stars pnlsation may be due to stars tending to split into two under the mfluence of its own centnfrugal forces.The Himalajan marine fossil fauna are simi- lar to those of the Alps and other Euiopean Mesozoic areas, thus showing that the same ocean flovved m both these distant zones These heavy loads disturbed the equilibrium of the crust, which thus being bent wrinkled up to form the mountain chains — the Alps, the Caucasus and the Himalayas Permian Productus Sirban limestone of Hazara , Krol limestone of Simla- Chakrata, nearly 3000 ft thick Triassic cerated beds of Salt Bange , and limestone and dolomites of Kashmir, Spiti Garwal 14 THE Rl OIAIi HISTOBY OP INDIi and Knmaon, about 6000 ft thick.

Jurasaio Kioto limestone and dolomites overlam bv Spiti shales from Hazara to east of Nepal about 4000 ft thick Oretaoeoufl Giuman sanes of Spiti Hazara and Kala Ohitfa Ohikkun senes of white limestone and shales of central Himalaya Para hmeatone and Pab sand stone of Smd volcanic senes of Bum! The nianne upper Cretaceous Bagh Beds m the lower Narbada valljy contain fossils, particularly the echmo- derma, which show stnkmg resemblances to those of Cretaceous beds of Syria, North Afncan and Southern Prance all paohea of limeetone deposits m the ^reat ooeen of Tethys of which the modem Mediterranean is but a shrunken reho The Lameta Beds are a narrow zone of fresh water and estuarine beds of the upper Cretaoeoua covering a wide area nnderlymg the peccan trap the fossil rematafl of 12 genera of PInosanrs, particularly of large Titanosaums mdiou B have been preserved m them In Juiaesic and Cretaceous period there was an mtrusion of the sea m Cutoh which penetrat M up to Jaiaalmir In Outch nearly 6000 feet of 'fossibferous Iimestonee were formed of a diversi6ed but lo social functions which maternal uncle discharges at the birth, initiation and mariiage rites (Avancu- late) Some Singhalese of upper classes of Candy show pro- nounced Caspian factois m them The"^ are tall dolichicephals- with long brows, high bridged thin long aquiline nose, fine beard and polyandry was very common among them The Singhalese Caspian may be vanguiad of the Monkhmei or more likol}* to the descendants of Pulasta (Pelasgi) who settled m South India Caspians entered into China through the Yellow River valle} , and m this region Caspian factois are found And another important branch of the Caspain streamed forth towards the Pacific over Kiigitz, Altai and Baikal plateaus and entered into Amur basin Among the Coreans Caspian factois are found From Corea, the Caspians entered into Japan, where the Caspians are represented by the Yamato group who form the aristocracy of Japan They are tall and slender, have long face, mesocephalic head, rosy white complexion, but wnth slight oblique eyes due to Mon- goloid mixture Eskimos and Greenlanders, a blend the Cas- pians and Mongoloids show dominant Caspian type with long head, broad face and thin nose Iroquois and Lenape of New England show strong Caspian factois Mayas of Yucatan are blends of Caspians and Pala 3 -Alpines The Tehuelche or Pata- gonians and Onas of Tieiia del Fuego show dominant Caspian factois they are very tall ( Im 75) with dolichocephalic head, broad elongated face, thin long nose The Negroids evolved in western Africa The high skulled dohchocephaic head with the small globular forehead rests on a thick ^fleshy neck and hangs a little forward as the occipital foramen is farther back and the spmal column is straighter, because the pelvis is not curved toward the front but is THB BAOUIj HISTOBY OP INDIA -i6 perpendicular The knees are generally curved and the calves are far of^ projecting a little to the side ond not much deve- loped Ab the mnso Jes of the npper leg ig also undeveloped and the legs are proportionately long the Negro appears slender and tall (1 m 70 ) with cephalic index of 73 6 54e pelvis of Negress is narrow and small the Negress hag pyriform breasts The generation organa of Negroes are large and iibby The foot IB often flat and the heelbone projects Both the upper arm and the forearm, especially the latter are long The hardness of the palm of the hand is produced by the peculiar formation of the ekin The akm is thick on account of the abundance of papellea velvet like, soft and always cool inspite of its dark pigment which vanes from elate color to sooty black it IB sensitive to the heat of the sum There is little hair generally Down la almost absent The beard grows late and only about the mouth and the chin.The particles of the brick hold one another at distance through the repulsive negative electrical force they exert on one another This explains why the dark companion of Sinus IS so heavy It consists of closely packed atoms, divested of their elections The Sun is 303,000 ti&ies as heavy as the earth and it is about 1,300,000 times as bulky , the Sun weighs 2,000, 000,000, 000,000, 0 0,000, 000, 000 metric tons The earth weighs 6,576,000,000,000,000,000', 000 metric tons The Earth began to rotate round the Sun as its satelite And with rotations it became globular, dissipating heat m the space With the loss of heat it began to contract Thus in course of millions of years it lost sufficient heat to be a fiery liquid globe of buinmg, fuming lava, suriounded by a thin coat of THB BAni AT.Hiar OBT OP INDIA gaseous atmosphere whirling m space round the 8nn About 400 miliion years were needed to reduce the surfoce temperature of 6000^0 to 200 0 to permit the sohdification and formation of crust The surrounding gaseous atmosphere being cooled down by dissipation of heat wo^d precipitate on the crust showers of hqmd fiery elements unable to keep them longer suspended m the aenal mosa Then there wo^d be formations of hot steams, farrowed by mceasant lightnings.You will provide credit card and personal information only to CCBill's secure site.Your information is transmitted via encryption between you and payment vast dis- tances fiom each othei, and not only fiom our local univeise The greatest of them, The Great Nebula of Andromeda contain- ing thousands of millions of stais, appears to us as a fouith magnitude star, dimly visible to oui naked eye Its dimness can be easily explained that it is about 800,000 to 1000,000 light yeais distant from us Neaily all of the two million extra- galactic island univeises are famtei than Andromeda Nebula.