Free taboo chat uk

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Free taboo chat uk

At The Spark Counselling we see similar data to support this growing problem with well over half of all visits to our website made by men.Furthermore 40% of callers to our Helpline are male.

Mindfulness at its simplest level is about being more aware of the present.Great strides have been made in recent years in the promotion and awareness of men’s physical health and wellbeing.Multiple forms of cancer and the likes of heart and lung disease amongst men have started to lose their taboo status.Worse still, old gender stereotypes still rule in terms of how men are ‘taught’ to handle the pressures of modern living: shut up, get on with it and definitely don’t talk about it. Data from the Mental Health Foundation and Office for National Statistics indicate that only 38% of NHS referrals to talking therapies like counselling are for men.Despite this, 78% of deaths by suicide in the UK are by men.Counsellors can facilitate the process of finding ways to deal with and overcome those issues, and provide an objective and neutral perspective that can be lacking when speaking to loved ones, friends or family. You are programmed to be sociable (even though it may not seem like that some of the time) and your mental health is connected with how you do/do not interact with other people.

When life becomes overrun with work and your closest relationships are with your laptop, your printer and your boss, you lose out.Men’s mental health is an ongoing challenge for individuals and society.Statistics indicate most men will have to deal with mental health issues at some stage in their lives.Clearly men’s mental health is a big issue in Western society today.Tackling men’s mental health is a complex issue but we have pulled together some tips and advice for men on how to tackle mental mental health issues: Bottling up your emotions, disappointments and hurts will increase the likelihood that they will explode all at once.Once you decide you have ‘grown up’ further learning can seem relevant only to employment – finding a job, keeping a job or scoring that promotion.

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