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Nicholas Cristin, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, found that Silk Road vendors made approximately $1.9 million monthly (PDF) in sales of illicit substances.

The Tor Project runs a secure, anonymous network and distributes free software used by dissidents and free speech activists worldwide.

Activists in countries like Syria and Ethiopia use Tor regularly.

The Tor Project, in fact, receives funding from the United States State Department for that very purpose. The same secure communications Tor offers have attracted spies, criminals, and pedophiles alongside political dissidents.

Darknets also have big ramifications for digital rights management, piracy, and other things that keep the entertainment and software industries awake at night.

In November, Microsoft researchers published a paper arguing that the secure worldwide communications that darknets provide would soon make the DRM scheme used by their employer obsolete.

The site has inspired a folk panic of sort, with nervous articles in many publications promoting the site’s streamlined process for purchasing marijuana and LSD.

In April, a similar site called The Farmer’s Market was busted.

According to security researcher Brian Krebs, credentials without credit cards start at while with-credit card accounts cost much more.

However, Tor has downsides for users: Besides being anonymous, the service is so slow that it can be frustrating to use.

Tor’s network, referred to as the “underweb” in popular discussion, is a strange entity.

It exists beneath the sanitized experiences of Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

There’s also the deep web, or invisible web: publicly accessible content that isn’t indexed by Google or any other major search engines.