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I had seen enough blue videos to know all about mens' cocks and the intimate details of their appendages and what they did with them. It was rather strange to see my own father doing it, but I did not feel any pity for the girl.I watched Karl pull his own quite respectable cock from his shorts and, as he obviously found the scene very arousing, I sort of pictured myself down there with the men………..

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My part in the present interrogation was to help Karl, the chief male assistant, adjust the machinery or re-fix the captive in whatever way the client requested. Like me, he gets most of his sexual satisfaction from witnessing or actually inflicting torture to young women.The library at our young ladies' school had three long shelves filled with well written erotica in French, Italian, German, and English.The unabridged works of De Sade, the Story of "O", numerous texts detailing all forms of sexual aberration, much of the documentation from war crime trials, and a fiction section which included many erotic books not normally available to young ladies.He had found the sight very erotic and told me how he had played with himself as he watched the girls' naked bottom turn from creamy white globes into swollen red-striped mounds of pain.…….I was sixteen at the time, madly in love with one of the female sports teachers at the academy, not interested in boys, but surprisingly well read when it came to perverse sexual practices.It was Karl who told me what went on in the "forbidden" cabins.

He had seen his father and mine whip a young girl who was strapped over a steel frame.

And on my seventeenth birthday, I had a present rarely if ever bestowed on a teenager before. By the way she enjoyed sex with me, they could have been right. I was almost heartbroken when I received the letter from my father instructing me to meet the yacht at Pireas….. I would rather have stayed at school and continued my wonderful love sessions with Carenia ! I know you and Karl have watched Edrich and I playing games……I know you like it, thank God.

But it did mention that we would be picking up Karl and his parents from Cyprus, so I realized there might be a bit of that really naughty stuff to enjoy………. I want to let you know why we do it…..everything….!

People who do not move amongst the upper echelons of society do not realize how frequently those wealthy and seemingly moral folk are the most likely to belong to all forms of slightly depraved clubs and cliques.

We can afford the thrills that the working class aspire to, enjoy them frequently enough for boredom to set in, then seek new enjoyments beyond the reach of the common man.

We watched from above and to one side…Karl had located a removable air grille which we were peering through.