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There are cases of identity cloning to attack payment systems, including online credit card processing and medical insurance.In this situation, the identity thief impersonates someone else in order to conceal their own true identity.

A US Government Accountability Office study determined that "most breaches have not resulted in detected incidents of identity theft".Victims might only learn of such incidents by chance, for example by receiving court summons, discovering their drivers licenses are suspended when stopped for minor traffic violations, or through background checks performed for employment purposes.It can be difficult for the victim of a criminal identity theft to clear their record.Determining the link between data breaches and identity theft is challenging, primarily because identity theft victims often do not know how their personal information was obtained, and identity theft is not always detectable by the individual victims, according to a report done for the FTC.Identity fraud is often but not necessarily the consequence of identity theft.When a criminal fraudulently identifies himself to police as another individual at the point of arrest, it is sometimes referred to as "Criminal Identity Theft." In some cases criminals have previously obtained state-issued identity documents using credentials stolen from others, or have simply presented a fake ID.

Provided the subterfuge works, charges may be placed under the victim's name, letting the criminal off the hook.Mostly, posers create believable stories involving friends of the real person they are imitating.Unlike identity theft used to obtain credit which usually comes to light when the debts mount, concealment may continue indefinitely without being detected, particularly if the identity thief is able to obtain false credentials in order to pass various authentication tests in everyday life.There's an app for that." This statement summed up the ease with which these hackers are accessing all kinds of information online.The new program for infecting users' computers is called Zeus; and the program is so hacker friendly that even an inexperienced hacker can operate it.Although the hacking program is easy to use, that fact does not diminish the devastating effects that Zeus (or other software like Zeus) can do to a computer and the user.