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The film focuses on the impact the revolution and paramilitary violence have had on the daily lives of Mayan peasants in Chiapas, Chenalho and Acteal, Mexico.For some, it was a conservative effort by planters to sieze power and control the development of a society already divided between slaves and free men, white and non-whites, and the landed and landless.

Video/C 8758 A panel discussion of the work and issues presented by the Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado in his ethnographic photographic collection "Migrations: photographs by Sebastiao Salgado," which presents a commentary on human migration and the social ramifications of globalization.

Disc 2 contains the following special features: Synopsis, technical specifications, "making of" documentary, CV for Fernando Solanas, alternate ending, interview with Hernandez Arregui, chapter sequences.

Those interviewed share their personal and professional experiences of being of Latino descent in America.

DVD 4289 A study of the concept of sexuality in Mexico and Central America.

Both regions experienced a gradual transition to independence that presents a fascinating comparison to both the British North America and Latin American experience.

A documentary on the liberation struggle being waged throughout Latin America, using Argentina as a historical model.

DVD X2782; vhs Video/C MM517 (In Spanish without subtitles) Discusses the influence of Latin American culture in the United States through interviews with more than 50 Latin American immigrants living in New York, including musicians, dancers, artists, and writers.

At the center of the film is master forger Brigido Lara, whose pre-columbian objects have been exhibited in major museums throughout the U.

"Produced in conjunction with the exhibition of Migrations: Photographs by Sebastiao Salgado at the University of California Berkeley Art Museum and the Pacific Film Archive, January 16-March 24, 2002." Held on February 13, 2002 at the University of California, Berkeley.

It describes the art, architecture, and intellectual achievements of these people as well as their downfall to the Spanish Conquistadors.

: Discusses the "meaning" of the American Revolution.

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