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Most adults are now aware that they must protect their personal information from would-be identity thieves, but few of us think to concern ourselves about the identity protection of our Kindergartener.Unfortunately, it is one of the fastest growing areas of ID theft.

Ads appear on nearly every page and they are more targeted than ever.

When a user typed a message, each character would show up on the screen of the other users as they were being typed in real time.

By 1980, Compu Serve made the Compu Serve CB Simulator, the first online chatting system made available to the public.

Cyberspace can often seem like a consequences-free field for kids to taunt one another.

Almost half of today’s kids report having been bullied online.

Children these days are more attached to the internet than ever from an earlier age.

There are a number of useful tools that can help you protect your child on your home computers and devices, but you should also teach your child internet safety to protect them when they are away from home.Teaching kids to be media literate can greatly improve their internet experience and give them a powerful tool for the future.Monitoring & Filtering The first step for many people in protecting their kids online is researching and installing programs that monitor, filter, and restrict access to dangerous content.More disturbing still is the link between bullying and suicide risk for youth.Here are some tools to help you deal with and prevent cyber bullying.The following list provides a bit of both, useful educational tools that can teach your kids, programs that can monitor their activity, restrict dangerous websites, and even block them from engaging in risky behavior.