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LEARN MORE KIDLINE, 1-800-CHILDREN, offers free, confidential support 24 hours a day both to parents and child abuse victims, as well as information on local resources, child development, reporting suspected abuse or neglect, and the Louisiana Safe Haven Law.Trained KIDLINE counselors can also be reached via text at 225-424-1533 and chat at

“You’re going to find chiropractors and dentists and doctors and all kinds of wealthy professionals in this movement as well—not just poor,” Mac Nab says. In Long’s county filings, Mac Nab told me, he declared that he was shedding the name associated with his legal shell—he’s “Cosmo Setepenra” in the You Tube videos—and that he was only subject to indigenous common law.

Last May, he filed official documents in Jackson County, Missouri, declaring a name change and identifying himself as a member of the Empire Washita de Dugdahmoundyah—a black group that espouses some of the movement’s ideas.

According to the , Long was also carrying an ID card from the Empire at the time of the shooting.

But white citizenship predates the Constitution, the Posse claimed, so whites were bound only by “common” law, which made them “sovereign” and free—and not, for example, compelled to pay taxes.

Ryan Lenz of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks anti-government groups, says Posse members traveled around during the 1970s and 1980s teaching financially stressed whites—chiefly farmers who were losing their land during the agricultural crisis of those decades, or people facing foreclosure and debt—that the group’s ideology could help them out of their money binds. Declare sovereignty and separate one’s legal “shell”—the named entity tied to social security numbers, birth certificates, and other forms of government identification—from one’s actual personhood.

Posse members rejected the authority of government officials, judges, and police officers.

They claimed that because blacks were granted citizenship under the 14th Amendment (an act of government) they were bound by the government’s laws and were slaves to the state.

The movement is growing, and spreading to new demographics.

Based on IRS data on tax protesters, the Southern Poverty Law Center estimates that the sovereign movement has about 300,000 members.

The SPLC has seen an uptick in participation since 2010, Lenz says, largely due to the housing crisis.

Naturally, the ideology spreads quickly online, in chat rooms and You Tube comment sections.

A person who did this, the Posse said, would no longer need to abide by rules of the state.

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