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So cleaning time between then and now should still balance out.Next, mom would move on to tidying the living room, dusting all furnishings, and controlling paper and other clutter.

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This 1955 washer/dryer commercial shows that by the mid 1950s doing the laundry was significantly easier than in the days when it took an entire day to wash by hand, so the habit of washing and drying at least one load of laundry per day was born.Cleaning the kitchen was also done daily, with a thorough cleaning of the refrigerator at least weekly, and a wipe down of all cupboards–inside and out–at least every few weeks.Some things were more complicated back then, like the coffee maker, for example.The image of the perfect housewife who kept a spotless home, had her husband's dinner ready as soon as he walked through the door from work and single-handed raised the children - while still always managing to look fashionable and beautiful - is a well-known stereotype from the 1950s.Just reading the list of chores that had to be carried out every day as outlined in one chapter will make modern women need a lie down (in a bed easily made thanks to the invention of the duvet and fitted sheets, luxuries 50s housewives didn't have).Bathrooms were cleaned daily so it was a fast chore–no scrubbing required.

A few swishes with the brush in the toilet, a wipe down of all surfaces and mirror, empty trash, shake out carpets, sweep, then a quick mopping.The 1950s women had been brought up by mothers who considered that ‘no lady left the house without her gloves on – not put on as she walked down the street – but put on in the hall before she checked in the hall mirror that she was fit to face the world! We lived three miles from my school, and I don’t recall hating the twice daily trek at all.If all your washing went to the laundry from whence everything, including your husband’s shirts, returned beautifully ironed, and if you had an obliging Mrs Mopp who came, perhaps not every day but certainly more than once a week, to scrub, clean and polish, then like Mrs Dale whose diary was broadcast daily, you too could strive to be the perfect housewife.'But while sexism and inequality was rife, Hardy said not all housewives were 'downtrodden doormats' but were 'tough and ultra-organised'.While the men may have earned the money, they took charge of how it was spent balancing the household finances with military precision.Evenings and nights were filled with bathing the kids, laying out the clothes for tomorrow, cleaning up the kitchen one last time, and then settling down to listen to your favorite radio program. and if they did it still wasn’t as popular as a good radio show.