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Enjoy the lively atmosphere and free entertainment from the comfort of your own home through this live stream day or night.

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Tickets are .00 per person and free for patrons under two years old. Click here to reserve a spot that way we can minimize your wait time. Give us a call at (248) 294-7370, or email us at [email protected] With our move to Pontiac we’re excited to unveil the next benefit to our Animal Sponsorship Program.Check out the occupancy before visiting through this live feed.Part of the stage can be seen through this webcam also, so you can enjoy the entertainment for the night. Focused directly on the stage watch as the performers entertain the audience with their amazing music. Check here for their entertainment schedule before viewing this camera.Gigandet won't be playing a villainous vamp this time around; instead, THR says he'll take on the role of a young sheriff who's part vampire.Said sheriff will partner up with our off-the-wall priest to save his niece, who's also the sheriff's lover.For a general admission price of (free under the age of 2), you’ll get to see these animals up close! Take a personal tour with a trained education specialist to experience bats from around the world and a two-toed sloth.

Visit with the largest species of bat in the world and even meet a colony of Vampire bats!

The game takes place in modern-day earth where vampires form complex societies hidden from human awareness.

Vampires are unliving humans created when a vampire drains a human dry of blood and then feeds the corpse a few drops of its own vampiric blood.

Vampires generally dwell in large cities, where they can find plenty of prey and easily remain inconspicuous.

Vampires do not need to kill humans to steal blood; humans go into a trance when a vampire feeds on them and do not remember the moment, and a vampire can erase the bite marks it made by licking them.

Once located at the Cranbrook Institute for Science, the Bat Zone has expanded and moved to its new home in Pontiac, Michigan!

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