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He said by the time emergency services arrived at Greogry's home, it was too late.Gregory was a frequent user of infamous chatroom Apple Inc Insults.

The Ivy League Cornell University graduate made his millionaires after abandoning a lucrative Wall Street career to invest in internet start-ups instead.

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Speaking today Throat Punch said he was distressed at not being able to contact 999 when he saw 39-year-old Gregory on his computer screen. It was founded in 1998 - long before the likes of Facebook - and is popular with the first generation of internet users.

He said: 'As an admin in the room at the time this tragedy took place, the frustration of not being able to contact police because dialling 101 or 999 from a country outside the UK became immediately apparent.' Paltalk is a New York based video chat service which allows individuals to chat face-to-face either on a desktop computer or their mobile device. But it has courted controversy with some of its 5,000 chatrooms dedicated to discussing terrorism.

The death is not being treated as suspicious.'A file will be prepared for the coroner.' Residents in the quiet surburban street in south London said he had had run-ins with the police. ''He used to play his music really loud at all hours. He said: 'I think he had some dealings with the police. He would shout out the window at people passing by. It's really sad.'On Thursday afternoon, Mr Tomkins white Mercedes work van was still parked outside the three-storey converted house.

Next-door neighbour Janine Harmer, 38, said she heard banging from Mr Tomkins top-floor flat around 3.30 am on Christmas Day. Neighbours reported seeing him drive home the vehicle day around 5.45pm.The forum is one of 5,000 on controversial video social site Pal Talk and encourages users to verbally abuse one another.The software is used by more than 7 million people worldwide has been blasted in the past for helping terrorists to communicate.An inquest heard how one user telling him to '****ing do it' because they believed he was 'play acting'.He was logged on with around 50 other users to a special 'insult' chatroom where people 'have a go at each other' and initially the members did not believe he would go through with it.We Are The Leading Psychic Webcam Service With Over 1,000,000 Online Psychic Readings Completed. Have you ever been driving down a road and seen a sign with an inscription “Fortune Teller”?