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Statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2016.A 66-year-old San Francisco attorney was arrested on suspicion of uploading and distributing graphic videos and photos of child pornography, officials said Tuesday.

Bombay is now called Mumbai by everyone bar its residents, whose historic name (from the Portuguese for ‘beautiful cove’) has been discarded for them by their betters.Everything here is dramatic, fresh and brutally gripping.The songs are exceptionally good, a mixture of gospel tunes and soul ballads.Jay, a bolshie young outlaw, is due for release after 17 months inside. The traffic warden isn’t just a dazzling one-off sketch. Jay’s mother is a born again matriarch who preaches Christianity but also beats her children till they bleed.He reappears later and his punctilious obstinacy leads to the crisis of the play, the death of a baby in crossfire, which a local crime lord is desperate to cover up. You wouldn’t get a character like that at the Royal Court.There are sites that are blocked on my work computer (I know, because I’ve had to ask that they be unblocked because they are customer sites and I need to see them). Does anyone really watch for five minutes on Facebook and Hotmail?

Now, it’s certainly possible that there’s a workplace out there where five minutes on Gmail would bring wrath down up on you — but that’s pretty uncommon and would say something about their management approach in general.

In your case, where you’ve been specifically warned by a coworker that they don’t like people checking their personal email during the day, I’d follow that advice for at least your first few weeks.

Your coworker might be overstating the policy, or she might be referring to someone who got in trouble because they were on their personal email for half the day, or she might be right, but err on the side of caution and get the lay of the land yourself.

The verminous scrapheap teems with cocky adolescents, witty thieves, evil moneylenders and struggling mums. Every detail of this show is drawn from a bestselling book by Katherine Boo, an American poverty ogler.

Their stories interweave but the main thread involves a foul-mouthed clash between some shirty Muslims and a crippled prostitute, living in a nearby tea chest, who gets doused in petrol and torched. A side plot develops in the communal crap-house where two bookish schoolgirls squat in the darkness discussing Congreve’s characterisation and the poor narrative structure of Virginia Woolf’s . And Britain’s top dialogue wonk, David Hare, has transmitted Boo’s findings to the stage.

And the composer has shrewdly varied them by inserting snatches of dialogue between the choruses.

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